About Us

Rockwall County Newcomers & Friends, founded in 1977, is a social organization for women residing in Rockwall County.

Rockwall County
Newcomers & Friends

We welcome new residents and foster congenial contacts for women who reside in Rockwall County.

Today the organization has approximately 200 members who enjoy participating in more than 40 club activities - including monthly luncheons, socials and more.

Membership Year

Our Membership Year is June 1st to May 31st

Membership Fee

Our Membership Fee is $25 per year.
(A reduced rate of $15 is offered to those joining after January 1st)

Our Board 

The officers that serve on the BOARD OF TRUSTEES are elected by the membership.

The Board of Trustees also serve on the Executive Board:
Kim Lawrence, President
Heidi Geiger, 1st Vice President, Programs

Jodi Scott, 2nd Vice President, Membership
Becky Grass, Treasurer

Shelley Meyers, Secretary
The EXECUTIVE BOARD will supervise and control all properties, operations and activities of the club and approve the annual budget.

The chair of the following committees shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees and shall serve on the Executive Board:
Event Coordinator*
Public Relations
Reservations and Name Tags
*Appointed by the President and serves on the Executive Board

Our Founder  - Sheila Flannery

In 1974, real estate agent Sheila Flannery moved from North Dallas, where she was involved in a number of professional, charitable and social organizations, to the Rockwall community. In her desire to become a part of the community to which she now belonged, Sheila began inquiring about organizations in the Rockwall area. What she found, at the time, was that Rockwall only offered organizations for women either by invitation only, charity based (worthy, but time-demanding), or those that required a special background or skill.

Sheila began talking with her friend and fellow real estate agent, Glo Dodd, about the need for a "newcomers" club for their real estate clients and other women new to the community. With support from their clients and others in the community, Sheila and Glo founded Rockwall County Newcomers & Friends in 1977. They started by having monthly meetings in members' homes and soon elected officers, wrote the bylaws, and created activities. It was decided from its inception that the main purpose of the organization would be MAKING FRIENDS and the only requirement would be that members be women residents of Rockwall County. Also, there would be no endorsement nor discrimination allowed in the organization (no selling, no brochures, no samples, no politics nor religion, etc.).

Rockwell County Newcomers & Friends Today

Today, Rockwall County Newcomers & Friends has approximately 200 members participating in more than 40 scheduled activities a month. For more than 40 years, our members have kept Sheila’s original concept and spirit – MAKING FRIENDS – alive and well in Rockwall County.
Sheila Flannery Rockwall County Newcomers & Friends Founder

Our Founder

Sheila Flannery
P. O. Box 272 Rockwall, TX  75087